Wolf Tivy giving a toast

My name is Wolf. This is where I organize my thoughts. Here are some of my projects:

Below, you’ll find my posts in chronological order, but I update the articles as needed:


Photos of Me

Some photos of me (and family):

The Urban Dynasties Problem

I want to see Americans building large, powerful, and virtuous family dynasties. I am trying to understand more about how this works and how to make it happen.

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Palladium Magazine

Jonah Bennett and I are working on a new online magazine project, Palladium Magazine. The focus of the project is on constructively answering the question “what comes after liberalism?”

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A Personal Wiki

The wiki is an ideal format for the organization and accretion of information. It allows potentially many authors in parallel to incrementally add to the picture as they get inspiration to do so, and it allows readers to easily follow lines of interest and context along exploratory paths through a vast system of knowledge.

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Simplify, then add Lightness

Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars, was one of my earliest heroes. His clear thinking, his engineering talent, and his drive for exactly the goal of victory and no more had him at the cutting edge of automobile racing for decades.

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