I work on Palladium Magazine with Jonah Bennett and Ash Milton. We are building a new discourse of governance futurism, which will build a new and better post-liberal worldview, which will build a new and better America.

I always want to build better social fabric around myself. In particular, I think family formation and fraternal association are very important, but in a state of crisis in our generation. Let’s fix this.

I also occasionally think about technology, engineering, and futurism.

My name is Wolf, and this is my website.


Music Night

In pursuit of building better social fabric around ourselves, my wife and I throw an occasional folk music night. Singing together is one of the best and most wholesome ways to have fun and build better social connections as human beings.

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The Republic and the Imperium

There are two theoretical models of government that get bandied about, which I think both contain important insights, but which each seem insufficient when measured against the ideal: The republic, and the imperium.

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The Components of Power

Power is your ability to act on the world to accomplish ends, especially against the will of others. Your power is a function of both the state of the world, especially including your position in the world, and your internal nature. The latter is your “intrinsic power”. The former, insofar as it belongs to or refers to you, is your “position”.

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Social Technology

Not all technology is made of atoms and bits. Some technology is made of people. I call this “Social Technology”, which is the technology of human organization, made out of human agreements, beliefs, worldviews, and plans.

Many people are using this terminology now, which is good. It is a good paradigm for thinking of human affairs, which is neither moralistic, nor relativistic. Though it unfortunately underemphasizes the organic reality of social organization.

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Globalization Leads to Existential Systemic Fragility

A civilization has a trade-off between globalization, efficiency, and fragility on one hand, and localization, expense, and robustness on the other. Capitalism is very good at choosing the former. Efficiency requires specialization, and concentration. These lead to atrophying of local capabilities, lengthening and complexifying supply chains, and ultimately fragility.

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Why Hydrocarbon Fuels Aren't Going Anywhere

Elon Musk has really done the surprising with Tesla’s commercially viable and high-performance electric cars. The general buzz around alternative energy sources piles on and one begins to wonder whether the days of gasoline are numbered.

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The New Statecraft Project

I organize and edit discussions on the nature of society and the state, with the aim of creating an engineering grade science of social technology, focused on statecraft. This project has its own site: New Statecraft Project.

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The Urban Dynasties Problem

I want to see Americans building large, powerful, and virtuous family dynasties. I am trying to understand more about how this works and how to make it happen.

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Palladium Magazine

Jonah Bennett, Ash Milton and I are working on Palladium Magazine. The focus of the project is on constructively answering the question “what comes after liberalism?”

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