Governance Futurism Links

It’s obvious now that we have major institutional breakdown in American governance. Governance Futurism is an intellectual project to understand this breakdown, understand governance developments around the world, and understand what is coming next in terms of both institutional regrowth, and ideological paradigms. The goal of Governance Futurism, beyond mere understanding, is to help positively develop the next American governance paradigm, and help educate the networks of future statesmen who will be taking the helm in the coming decades.

Governance Futurism is not itself an identity label or ideology. Think of it more like a set of questions and investigative approaches. That said, there is a growing Governance Futurism community, centered around Palladium Magazine, but beginning to include some other projects. Here I want to start compiling links to useful materials that help you to understand the Governance Futurism approach, keep up with it, or get involved: