Palladium Magazine

Jonah Bennett, Ash Milton and I are working on Palladium Magazine. The focus of the project is on constructively answering the question “what comes after liberalism?”

In particular, we have a vision of a productive discourse towards a “Post-Liberal Synthesis”. We envision a positive upgrade of the liberal worldview, throwing out bad assumptions and concepts, engaging with a harder and more scientific study of society and power, and integrating the best ideas from opposing worldviews.

The everyday subject matter is therefore a mix of what we call “governance futurism”, and critical engagement with the liberal paradigm and its rivals.

Governance futurism is neutrally examining what is happening in the world of things that will affect governance. The immediate objective is building a conceptual vocabulary of upcoming trends and dependable invariants of social technology, with which our audience can better understand the future.

This is an intellectually intensive project, so we’ll be curating a large community of intellectuals, and publishing no more than a few articles per week for the forseeable future.

Check it out over at palladiummag.com.